Franklin County Animal Shelter, is located at 550 Industry Road in Farmington. The shelter’s lobby, kitten, and available adult cat rooms are open to the public Monday to Saturday, Noon to 4 p.m., and they are performing dog adoptions by appointment.  Please call us at 207-778-2638 during our office hours to schedule. We’d love to help you find the purrrfect furry friend to add to your family!

Quoll, at top, being a little sassy, below with one of his doggy pals. Submitted photo

Quoll is an eight month old female, the cutest little gremlin. Currently in foster care due to our shelter having so many cats at the moment. Quoll has been raised in a loving home alongside her mom Possum, and siblings Dingo, Wallabee, Bunyip, and Potoro. This playful and affectionate lady enjoys snuggles, especially at bedtime, and loves all animals but especially dogs! While more reserved than her siblings, Quoll is no stranger to gremlin like energy, especially when treats are involved. She has a unique penchant for carrying treats around and expressing her enthusiasm with playful growls. Tolerant of various care routines, including nail trims, ear cleanings, and toothbrush things., she is a well mannered sweetheart with a dash of quirky charm. She will need a home with other animals, cat social dogs preferred. Call the shelter today to set up a time to meet call and let the cuddles begin!

Wallabee on bottom, under his brother Dingo, who has already found his furever home. Submitted photo

Wallabee is  a brother to Quoll and at eight months has become the mischievous charmer of the family. He too is currently in foster care due to there being so many cats at the shelter. Wallaby has been raised in a loving home along with his mom and siblings. Wallabies love knows no bounds he’s a social butterfly with both dogs and cats and is seeking a home with other pets. His special bond with his pizza toys unmatched, and you’ll often find him parading it around like a proud owner. Despite being only eight months old wallaby has mastered the art of the grumpy old man face, especially during grooming sessions, though he remains incredibly tolerant. He is a beast of a kitten destined to grow into a big and lovable feline companion. If your home is missing a dash of mischief and a whole lot of love, wallaby is ready to steal your heart. Call the shelter today to set up a time to meet him.

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