The Sour Grape

The Sour Grape

By Jory John
Illustrated by Pete Oswald

A sour grape is unpleasant to taste.  An unpleasant person can be called a ‘Sour Grape’. Such was the large green grape in this silly, delightful, colorful picture book, The Sour Grape (6th book in the Food Group series).

Sour Grape complained about many things like fireworks starting early, a flat tire on a bike, a moved chair, etc.   And…it held grudges; it did not forgive! Too bad for the banana that bumped into it, the orange that didn’t return a phone call,  and the lime that did not return a scarf.
Can Sour Grape possibly make mistakes, too, or is it perfect?  Read this humorous book to learn how Sour Grape learned that life is much more pleasant when one is kind, forgiving, and grateful.
If you like Sour Grape, you may also like the other colorful and silly books in the Food Group series by Jory John and Pete Oswald that deal with everyday feelings: The Bad Seed, The Good Egg, the Cool Bean, the Couch Potato, and the Smart Cookie.  All have entertained children all over the world and taught important lessons.

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