Several hundred cats, dogs, and small animals come through the Franklin County Animal Shelter’s doors each year. We are a no-kill shelter and committed to saving all healthy and treatable animals. We never euthanize animals due to lack of space. They are located at 550 Industry Road, Farmington and open to the public Monday to Saturday, noon to 4 p.m. Call 207-778-2638 for more information.

While we do allow for same-day adoptions, we reserve the right to place our animals in the home that we feel will best fit their needs, which sometimes means we may deny an application for a specific animal.

If you are a dog owner seeking to adopt another dog, we require a meet-and-greet before we approve your application. We also encourage all adoption applicants to secure a veterinarian to care for their new pet. Are you a renter planning to adopt? We call landlords to make sure they’re aware of the pet you’re planning to bring home, so be sure to give your landlord a heads-up before you drop by the shelter.

Nanners. Submitted

Nanners is a striking looking male in his black and white coat, sporting a little white mustache that just adds to his charm. Nicknamed “Bananabread” this six month to one year old handsome boy was born under the sign of Taurus. Nanners likes toys, other cats, especially Pears and like when people are patient and earn his trust.
He is not a fan of being held and dislikes: Postmodern interpretive dance and being punched by Hershall.

Wonderbread. Submitted

Wonderbread is a sleek, young female with an all-over gray coat. Her nicknames, fittingly enough are Bread and BreadMother. She is a year old and is a Scorpio. She likes family, going places where she is not allowed and wet food. She dislikes being held, is not fond of other cats  and does not like being forbidden from going into the closet.

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