Rumford writer Tom Fallon’s most recent book, “Imagine.”

RUMFORD — Tom Fallon, author, editor, poet and modern literary form creator, has announced he has published his last book.

Called “Imagine,” Fallon says the book was “stimulated by the sudden awareness one morning at age 84 that my life was definitely coming to an end. So it was I slowly began the outline for a book completed three years later in 2023 with the title ‘Imagine.’”

The foundation of the book, Fallon says, is presented in its subtitle: “Imagine nothing, imagine creation, imagine earth, imagine a human being,” and is based on his many years of life experience.

“‘Imagine,'” Fallon says, “might be compared in seriousness to Hart Crane’s ‘The Bridge,’ William Carlos Williams’ ‘Paterson’ and other modern literary works as it points to the reality and incredibility of creation and the human being as it relates to ancient human questions such as ‘Why creation’ and ‘What is the meaning of life?’ It should not be considered an easy read before sleep.”

The book begins with a prelude of the creation, followed by a section called “Naked,” as an international news reporter relates the negative state of the human condition on earth. Then “Presence” follows a young person’s spiritual connection with his creator.

In the next section, “a vital young woman named Loreen” is presented, Fallon says, calling her “my favorite person.” This section honors “the incredible joy and beauty of human life on earth.”


Finally, “Silence” speaks to the question of the future of the creation, Fallon says.

The literary form of “Imagine” is modern, according to Fallon, tending to the avant garde or the experimental. Fallon is noted for this direction in previous books including “Now” and “Creation Now With Words.”

“I have added time, space and silence to my literary form for the first time,” he said, “which I discovered in the modern classical music of composer Anton Webern and in the modern jazz of Thelonious Monk.”

In “Imagine,” Fallon continues his modern literary form direction as visual artists today continue their modern artistic form direction.

In a statement accompanying the book, Fallon says that with “Imagine,” he is writing his “last words. Imagine nothing. Imagine creation. Imagine earth. Imagine a human being. You, are alive, on earth, in the creation. Then, you are silent. This is creation.”

“Imagine” is available from Maine’s Goose River Press, at the Maine State Library and in ebook form.

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