Love is its own reward. Image by Lillian Lake 

Love is its own reward. This is hard to believe at some stages of our life, right? When we’re not feeling it, we get caught up in resentment that other people see their lives as all lollipops and roses. I’ve been on the receiving end of that attitude. It’s not fun. However, today, I understand what is meant by love is its own reward, so when others view the world as harsh and dark, I’m okay with them not appreciating where I’m at. I’ve done the work. I’m not unique in having gone through hard times, but I’ve moved further down the path of life, and I’ve made the progression up the mountain to which it led. What’s on that mountaintop? A wider view.

I’m seeing more systems that work with children acknowledge that bullying, a prime example of a lack of love, is a factor in schools and other organizations. In the past, for whatever reason, maybe because the leaders thought they’d be seen as failures, they chose to ignore these situations. Or perhaps they lacked the skills to understand bullying’s impact or its cause. I lacked the skills to deal with bullying as I grew up until trauma taught me I am love and worthy of love, no matter the situation; so is everyone. I was lucky, Some go on to die by suicide or become bullies. Others continue living without realizing their full potential. In all cases, love was absent. Or at least love wasn’t realized. Love is always present, even when we don’t feel or see it.

Love is the action of the Creator, an aspect of which is in each of us, working as and through each of us. So when we bully intentionally, judge, or otherwise act out of fear, we put the target of our actions and ourselves outside of the Creator. The Creator, as expressed in the frequency of love, is our spiritual connection to everyone and everything. This frequency allows us to receive and give love.

What actions do we make that put us outside the frequency of love? The answer is any action that is born of fear or judgment. When we resent someone else for their seemingly “rainbows and lollipop” life, we call resentment inward and express it outward. If we could see and understand that nothing and no one is outside of love because love is present in all things and beings, rather than resenting, we would align with the frequency of love. Instead of hating, loving becomes our best practice.

Do this simple exercise without judgment, power, or self-righteousness by yourself or with anyone. Make a list of all the things you would hold outside of love. List all situations in which you see yourself as too good, everything for which you blame others, and the things you can’t forgive or for which you think you can’t be forgiven. Ask yourself, why do you believe these things? Why do you react the way you do? What would it take to change?

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