Gould Academy senior Stella Fraser is writing her Four Point project on PEMF. Rose Lincoln/Bethel Citizen

BETHEL — Sprinter Stella Fraser, 17, said after a track meet she would feel raging shin pains and not be able to walk properly.  It was difficult to get back to training, she said.

More recently her mother purchased a Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields machine that Fraser uses regularly. It has become a guaranteed way to recover faster and more effectively, she said.

Initially Fraser planned to present her senior Four Point project at Gould Academy on physical therapy or personal training. But bringing awareness of PEMF to others is her goal now.

“If I am feeling such benefits from it, every athlete should,” she said, explaining that PEMF is similar to electrical simulation. “With electric simulation you have to be more aware of how much you’re doing and where you are targeting. With PEMF there is no way to hurt yourself,” said Fraser.

While Gould has a cross country team, Fraser said she is the first sprinter on a team currently comprised of three sprinters. They run on Gould’s field house in the winter and after the snow clears, share Telstar’s outdoor track for practices. Because they don’t have their own outdoor track, their meets are all away competitions.

Fraser, Coach Stephen Grey, and the two other runners are trying to recruit more students to grow the team.


Fraser said her fastest 100 meter sprint was 12.8 seconds. She also runs the 200 meter and plans to run the 400 meter this year as well. In the Fall, Fraser plays field hockey.

Using PEMF

There are many PEMF devices on the market. The one Fraser uses has one loop coil and one butterfly coil that you can put over your knee or shoulder. The other way to be PEMF “charged” is with two 3 foot by 5.5 foot mats that Fraser said her family call a “magnetic sandwich,” with the mats as “the bread.”

“It pulses your entire body,” she said of the thirty minute sessions. Her “dirty water” drinks are maple syrup, salt and water and help to hydrate her before she starts a session.

After just a few PEMF sessions, Fraser said her problematic knees felt better. She will add this personal testimony to her Four Point project,

There are benefits for others, too, said Fraser. Improved circulation and blood flow, improved sleep, reduction in stress and anxiety, reduced reduction of inflammation and swelling, and cellular restoration are a few.

Fraser went to the Woodstock Elementary School and to Telstar where she started track as a sixth grader. She has been at Gould for four years.

She plans to attend Gordon College in Massachusetts on a track scholarship where she’ll study business and Bible Studies.

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