While its nice to say “some will win, some will lose” in regard to Lewiston’s revaluation, it does a great injustice to the residents of our community.

Truth is, “some will win” refers to utilities and to a lesser extent commercial and industrial, while “some will lose” refers to the vast majority of the residents in their own homes.

I am putting forward the following suggestions to be considered in this process.

First, at completion of the revaluation, pause for one annual cycle to send out bills under the current tax structure along with a letter indicating what their value and tax will be under the new assessment the following year. This gives citizens a full year to prepare.

Second, I would recommend not moving to 100% of valuation and instead move everyone to 95% valuation. This will allow for any downward trend in the real estate market that many expect to occur. Not doing so could overstate tax values quickly should that correction occur.

Third, state law allows a municipality to create its own homestead exemption as long as the Legislature approves that. Now is the time for our legislative delegation to take action.

Fourth, require entry into the homes for the purpose of correct valuation. This needs to be a complete assessment, to understand what extent people have invested in their homes. With this we must give consideration to some fines, penalties, or tax correction of past bills for work found to be done without the required permits.

Robert Reed, Lewiston

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