I’m responding to the article published Feb. 19, “GOP elevates anti-trans rhetoric; Candidates using messaging as a rallying call to Christian conservatives.”

Today, “Christian” is often used to promote hate and division. If you’re not straight, white, protestant and conservative, you’re the enemy. “Christ” is love. “Love thy neighbor,” not love those you approve of.

Transgender people just want to live a safe and respected life. They deserve every right and privilege that every other American citizen receives. If the only way someone can win an election is to dehumanize a section of population, they shouldn’t be in a position of power to take away rights from certain people.

Trans women didn’t choose to be born in a male body. Trans men didn’t choose to be born in a female body. It happens. Most of us don’t understand how, but most of us have enough compassion to see their struggle. Some of us are lucky enough to witness the contentment and self-worth they exhibit when they become what they’re meant to be.

As for sports and bathroom use, once they’ve transitioned, they’re truly the new gender. A trans teen girl might just want to do what other teen girls do. Imagine the dilemma trans women feel when they need to use a public bathroom. They truly are women, dressed in women’s clothes. Can they use a men’s bathroom? They would naturally use a women’s bathroom because they’re women.

They’re not going to molest people’s daughters. They simply need to pee.

Janice Bordeau, Mexico

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