After reading your newspaper’s Feb. 22 article, “Union votes ‘no confidence’ in Mayor Sheline,” the first question I asked myself, “Haven’t we had enough negative news in Lewiston to last a lifetime?”

The next question was how the union president ever got elected with so little knowledge of collective bargaining and how a town or city government works.

Mayors don’t play a role in the administration or day-to-day personnel matters.

The last question is who were the union president and Code Enforcement Officer Adam Jones representing? Certainly not the vast majority of the 460 city workers.

According to Jones, quoted in the article, there are only 58 union members and the number who voted was not reported. Less than 12% of city employees voted at all.

In summary, I fail to see how the union president lived up to the Local 1989 charter to bargain in good faith and protect employee job security.

Patrick Eisenhart, Lewiston

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