‘A to Z Animal Mysteries: Bats in the Castle’

‘A to Z Animal Mysteries: Bats in the Castle’
By Kayla Whaley
Illustrated by Chloe Burgett

If you enjoyed reading Ron Roy’s popular A to Z Mysteries, you are in for a treat. There is a new Ron Roy series, A to Z Animal Mysteries.

Bats in the Castle caught my eye quickly as it takes place in Maine… in a supposedly haunted castle. Anni, the main character, is confined to a wheelchair as she was born with a disease called spinal muscular atrophy.

Abbi’s two best friends, Lydia and Daniel, came over to watch the bats leave the castle for their nightly flight. All three usually watched them from the 3rd floor balcony, but the elevator was broken so Abbi had to stay downstairs.

Armed with Abbi’s phone, recorder, and her special bat detection microphone, Lydia and Daniel took Abbi’s monitors to the top balcony, turned them on, and returned to the first floor to watch the bat’s nightly flight with Abbi.

After retrieving all the instruments from the third floor, the 3 friends listened as Abbi turned them on. They were shocked and frightened when they heard a high-pitched screeching sound. Barkley, Abbi’s dog, was also frightened.

They did not believe it was a bat! Why? What was that screeching sound? Where did it come from? It had been rumored that a ghost lived in the castle. Was it really a ghost?

Read this A to Z Animal Mystery, Bats in the Castle, with colorful and vivid illustrations to find out what the piercing, screeching sound was and where it came from. You might even like it enough to want to read other A to Z Animal Mysteries.

Enjoy! And don’t you just love Abbi’s dog’s name, Barkley?

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