I am Quiet:  A Story for the Introvert in All of Us
Author: Andie Powers
Illustrator: Betsy Peterson

I am Quiet: A Story for the Introvert in All of Us, is a picture book with colorful illustrations. It tells the story of Emile, a boy who prefers to be quiet, to think a lot, to be alone often, to read, to create, things like that. He prefers not to be part of large noisy groups; at recess time, Emile plays quietly with one friend or by himself.

Although he is quiet on the outside, his imagination is active and he can hear and see things that others do not. Of course, some people are bothered by this and misunderstand Emile by saying things like, ‘The cat got your tongue?’ or ‘Don’t be shy.’  Has anyone ever said that to you?

If you are like Emile, and you like quiet time and prefer not to be in large noisy groups, this book is for you. Read to find out what Emile thinks about in his quiet time, what he sees and hears that others may not, and what he does for fun, etc.

The author writes that Emile is not shy, just quiet.  However, many quiet people are also shy. Enjoy.

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