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A post on the Fred Webster Snowball Tournament to benefit Special Olympics Maine social media page thanked the team from Rangeley’s very own Sarge’s Pub & Grub with these flattering words, “Congratulations Sarges! You came through in so many ways!! What a finish! Tied up in the 5th and 3 extra innings before you took home the trophy. And the team that brought in almost a photo finish in the fundraising department. You bring your heart and soul, and it shows. On behalf of Special Olympics and the athletes THANK YOU for all you do!”

The praising words were well earned. Not only was the team playing in deep snow, an exciting game with extra innings, but they raised a whopping $6,000 of the total $37,000 raised for the annual fundraiser.

For more than five years, Sarge’s team has been competing and they came in second several times, but this time they played in the snow and their efforts were rewarded. Eight teams play in this all-weather event, double elimination tournament. They play pretty much all day, starting at nine a.m. and ending at five in the afternoon.

Coach Margaret White, who herself has been playing in the tournament since the very beginning, back in 1988 was delighted.

However, it was a very emotional day as the team’s thoughts were still grieving the loss of their dear friend and teammate Josh Wilcox who passed away on the day of this annual event two years ago.

Margaret White, “I’m super proud of the team. It’s a really hard day for us. Obviously, we lost a teammate two years ago on this day, on Snow Softball Day, so it’s definitely a hard day for us, but we pushed through it and everybody played great and…it was just an all-around good day.”

Ashley Quimby and Angela White running as fast as they can in the deep snow. Margaret White

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