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Rangeley, ME – Although most of North and Central America will witness a partial solar eclipse, a fortunate fraction of people residing in the path of totality will be able to witness a total solar eclipse. And luckily for the Rangeley Region, it happens to be located on that path!

Eclipses occur when the Earth or moon obscures the sun’s light, casting a shadow onto the other. During a total solar eclipse, the moon covers the sun entirely from certain viewpoints. In these locations, the sunlight fades, and if the weather is clear, stars or planets may become visible. Totality can last anywhere from one to about three and a half minutes.

With Mud Season upon us, finding a vantage point for optimal viewing can be tricky, but the Rangeley region has many open spaces that offer a view of the open sky!

To best enjoy your experience, read the below tips before venturing out for this historical event:

•It’s mud season here in western Maine. Most designated campgrounds, seasonal roads, and even some hiking trails are closed and impassable. While it may feel harmless, don’t let your actions affect other’s approaching recreation and traditional logging season.
•Neither cell phone nor GPS coverage should be relied upon for your sole navigation source. The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer is a great tool, but remember, the “woods” roads are mud and largely privately owned. We urge you to stay on well-established roads for your safety.
•The ice quickly disappears off the lakes and should be considered unsafe for foot and paw traffic!
•Bears are on the move! Be cognitive of your outdoor activities, including proper storage of perishables!
•Never view the sun with the naked eye or via unfiltered devices, such as binoculars or telescopes. Creating eclipse-viewing devices, such as a pinhole camera, can be used to view the eclipse’s shadow on the ground and not the actual eclipse in the sky. You can easily find directions on the internet for making your own!
•RLHT’s Cupsuptic Lake Park and Campground do not open until mid-May. Therefore, camping at the campground proper or any wilderness site on Cupsuptic Lake or Cupsuptic River is unavailable. This also includes any of RLHT’s trails or trailheads. There are no exceptions to the protection of natural resources.
•There are public restrooms in both Rangeley and Oquossoc!
•Please practice Leave No Trace principles and clean up after yourself!
•We LOVE dogs, but we want to remind you that not everyone does! Your dog MUST be within your control at ALL times, and you MUST clean up after them! Let’s work together to ensure they are always invited onto RLHT and public lands!
•For more Rangeley region information, please visit

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