MINOT — The Board of Selectmen passed a resolution Tuesday approving a list of areas in town that could pose biological, manmade or natural hazards.

The 2024 Androscoggin County Hazard Mitigation Plan gives towns an opportunity to identify problem spots, such as Bucknam Bridge Road, which is prone to flooding, Town Administrator Danielle Loring said Wednesday.

Every seven years, the county has to submit a plan to the federal government that outlines known hazards and deficits within each municipality, she said.

Loring, who serves as emergency management agency director for the town, compiled a list of items in Minot for the county plan.

“We have some other areas where we wanted to do a feasibility study in terms of what our roads’ abilities are to be resilient in the face of natural disasters and the town’s ability to address and then recuperate from those hazards,” Loring said.

By participating in that process, the town could become eligible for federal funding to address those problem areas, she said.


“We’re already seeing the results from that, including the Bucknam Bridge Road, because we get a Maine Department of Transportation grant in the amount of $50,000 to help do an engineering and feasibility study to see what can be done and then (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) told us that once we know what needs to be done, that they’ll give us additional funding to actually do the work,” she said. “So, we’re already seeing the results from participating in the process.”

In other business Tuesday night, town officials revisited a request they made of Boy Scout Troop 1791 to relocate a community bulletin board that was built and erected as an eagle scout project by a member of that troop two decades ago.

The bulletin board is positioned in front the Town Office by the street. Selectmen asked if the board could be moved closer to the main entrance to Town Hall where it would likely get more use and people would be able to see it better because that is a high-traffic area, she said.

Troop members met with the board to discuss the logistics of the move, seeking to have the town cover the cost of supplies while the troop would supply the labor.

The scouts are planning to return to the board with estimated costs for the project.

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