Andrew Berube of Mexico sits with Beatrice, one of his four shar-pei dogs. His dogs and the beauty of nature in Maine inspired him to take photos and videos of them and to create a YouTube channel, Instagram page and other social media accounts highlighting his dogs and Maine nature. Submitted photo

Andrew Berube of Mexico started taking photos and videos in the past three years, and since then he’s created his own YouTube and Instagram content: The Wrinkle Squad and Maine Focus, both of which are also his Facebook pages.

His four shar-pei dogs first inspired him to take photos and videos of them while on hiking adventures in the woods near his home and throughout Maine. He also enjoys taking videos of nature in Maine and adding energetic or mellow music to enhance the videos.

By night, Berube works as a forklift operator for Irving Wood Products in Dixfield. His future goals are to start a photography business or a media company where he can sell his photos, videos and how-to services. “I want to help other content creators to reach their full potential when starting out or already in the process of their journeys,” Berube says.

Hazel is one of Andrew Berube’s four shar-pei dogs who have inspired him to create his The Wrinkle Squad YouTube channel and other media sites. Andrew Berube

What motivated you to create your photography, YouTube channels and Maine Focus web page? My main motivation for creating Maine Focus was my fascination with learning about Maine and all of its hidden beauties, since I originate from Massachusetts. We had very little mountains and forests to explore so after I moved to Maine I found a love of photographing it. I created my channels so that I can share my content with others, to share what I have learned and help to teach others along the way. My YouTube and social media channels started with my dogs, filming and taking pictures of them enjoying nature, with my phone. I later decided to purchase a camera and equipment to start my photography journey.

Tell us about The Wrinkle Squad and Maine Focus, two of your Facebook pages and YouTube channels. On Facebook and Instagram, the Wrinkle Squad page focuses on pictures and reels of my dogs enjoying life in Maine. My Maine Focus page is where I post my landscapes, astrophotography and nature photos. My YouTube channels go by the same name but feature my video content. The videos on my Maine Focus consist of tutorials, behind the scenes and explain my photographic processes. The Wrinkle Squad’s channel is about fun, love and adventure.

How long have you been working on your media creations and how did you become an online social media content creator? I have always had a love of capturing the moments and memories that people cherish. Photography helped me to preserve my memories of the journeys and travels I have been fortunate to experience. About three years ago I became serious about photography and I learned from social media that there are billions of people who love to see and share content. It was after a couple media creations that I realized I could make a difference in daily lives just by posting a beautiful landscape, or


funny dog photos.

Luna, Andrew Berube’s 6-year-old shar-pei, enjoys ice cream on her second birthday. Submitted photo

What’s special about shar-pei dogs? Tell us about the breed and about your dogs’ personalities and idiosyncrasies. The shar-pei dog is a loyal and loving breed, the perfect guardian and protector. They originated in ancient China and the name shar-pei means sand skin. They were once the rarest breed in the world, but in 1979 Life magazine published a shar-pei on the cover and sales of the breed exploded in the United States.

My four shar-peis are totally different in almost every way. Luna is a 6-year-old blue pei and is the oldest of the squad and referred to as the queen. She is the boss and not afraid to remind you of it. She is very laid back and the loudest snorer. Beatrice is a 4-year-old cream dilute pei and the leader of the squad. She is the hunter, teacher and mother hen of the four girls and the most protecting of her family.

Hazel is a 3-year-old apricot dilute pei and the adventurer of the squad. If you have a mountain to climb or terrain to be explored, she is your girl. She is the calmest and most laid-back of the four girls. Maycie Mae is a 2-year-old merle pei and the silliest of the squad. You can find her making snow angels in winter and neck-deep in the rivers in the summer. She is guaranteed to make you laugh with her crazy antics.

What are your goals for yourself and your media creations? My goals for the future are to someday start a photography business or a media company where I can sell my printed photos, videos and “how to” services. I want to help other content creators to reach their full potential when starting out or already in the process of their journeys. I would love for more people to be able to view and learn about the creating of videos and edits from behind the scenes with my help.

Andrew Berube of Mexico enjoys being outside, here with three of his four shar-pei dogs. Submitted photo

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