Mercy Watson is Missing

Mercy Watson is Missing
By Kate DiCamillo
Illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

Yikes! Our favorite porcine wonder, Mercy Watson, went missing! Mrs. Watson was crying and Mr. Watson was so very upset. They contacted the fire department and were told, “We don’t deal with missing pigs.” They contacted the animal control officer and she said, “I don’t deal in missing pet pigs.” They contacted the police and were told, “Missing pigs are not a police department matter.”

What to do? The Watson’s neighbors on Deckawoo Drive, Frank and Stella Endicott, Horace Broom, and Baby Lincoln help the Watson’s search. Of course, Eugenia Lincoln does not help; she is wildly joyful, playing the accordion and dancing a jig because she is happy Mercy is missing; she does not like our porcine wonder one little bit.

After no success in their search, the Watsons hire a private detective, Percival Smidgely…but…does he know what he is doing? Can he be trusted?

Will the two men who see Mercy on the side of the road chase her, catch her, and feast on pork for supper?  Will she be found?  If so, where? And if not, will this be the end of our delightful adventures with Marcy Watson?

Enjoy reading this junior fiction selection, Mercy Watson is Missing, Volume 7,  by award-winning author Kate Dicamillo. The delightful, colorful pictures of Mercy and the characters in the Deckawoo Drive neighborhood are the artwork of our own Maine award-winning illustrator, Chris Van Dusen.

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