AUBURN — School Committee members approved changes to several student transportation policies with little discussion at their roughly half-hour meeting Wednesday.

Committee members approved changes to the Student Transportation Services policy, replacing much of the wording in the policy with updated distances from schools beyond which students will be provided transportation.

“The Auburn School Committee will work to ensure transportation for students living beyond a reasonable distance from their school or from a scheduled bus stop,” the recommended changes state.

Those distances beyond which transportation will be provided for students outlined in the revised policy include up to a half-mile for prekindergarten to third graders, up to three-quarters of a mile for fourth to sixth graders and up to one mile for seventh to 12th graders, according to the policy changes.

The old policy had longer distances for students in grades nine to 12.

The distance change for high schoolers is not expected to make a big difference in current bus operations, one district administrator told committee members at the meeting.


There are exceptions for students with individual education plans or disability students with plans, a written document from a student’s doctor, federal or state requirements, hazardous walking conditions, poor road conditions or the absence of a turnaround for the school bus that makes it difficult to establish a bus stop close to the student’s home, the changes state.

The changes dictate that the transportation director will review bus stop requests made by parents and that the School Department will consult the Auburn Police Traffic Division when assigning crossing guards.

They also approved changes to the Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles policy, adding a section that better defines who is allowed to view videotapes that are being used for disciplinary actions. The recording will also be saved in the student’s disciplinary record. It also dictates how students, parents and staff will be notified of video cameras in vehicles.

Approved changes to the Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers Administrative Procedure include requiring random alcohol testing for a minimum of 10% of the number of drivers in each selected period within the testing pool the School Department participates in. Along with random controlled substance testing for a minimum of 50% of the number of drivers in each selected period within the testing pool the School Department participates in.

Less substantive changes were approved for the Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles-Procedures, Student Transportation Employee Requirements, Training and Responsibilities, and Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers policies.

In other business, Superintendent Cornelia Brown recognized Nutrition Director Chris Piercey for being awarded the Healthy Androscoggin Will Bartlett Award.

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