Bunny and Clyde by Megan McDonald


Bunny and Clyde by Megan McDonald (also author of Judy Moody, Judy Moody and Friends, and Stink)

Illustrated by Scott Nash

Have you ever become tired of being good and wanted to be bad?  That is exactly what these two fictional cartoonish characters, Bunny the Bunny and Clyde the Chipmunk wanted to do. Be bad; they were sick and tired of being good.

They needed to learn how to be bad, so of course, they went to the library and checked out books with titles such as Hamster Gangsters, Hijinks, Interrupting Chicken, and the Tale of Two Bad Mice.

They practiced being bad when they borrowed markers without asking and put books back on library shelves not in alphabetical order. Bad wasn’t much fun when Bunny’s Maw Maw made them scrub the crayon drawings off the walls until their paws hurt.


Sometimes, Bunny’s and Clyde’s attempts at trying to be bad turned out to be good instead.  How can you be bad and have it turn out to be good? Maybe they were just lucky.

Read this Junior Fiction selection with black and white illustrations to find out how Bunny and Clyde felt when they really were bad.

I would like to say it was a delightful book, but … for me, some of the bad stuff Bunny and Clyde did really bothered me! What I can say is that it was interesting and easy to read with large, dark print and a lot of white space.

Enjoy … being good.

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