To the Editor:

Voters of Bethel,

It is important to the well-being of our community that a reliable police presence exists in Bethel. This essential service is provided by county government via a contract authorized by just three Oxford County commissioners. Therefore it really does matter who represents Bethel as its commissioner – and that individual will be officially determined by election in November.

But as a practical matter, Bethel’s next commissioner will be determined by a June 11 primary vote where two candidates are seeking the Republican nomination for that office. No one is running for the Democrats and the filing deadline has passed. So the Republican primary next month will offer Bethel’s only choice for commissioner in 2024.

In consideration of these things, I ask you to vote for Kyle Tilsley in the Republican primary for county commissioner. Laws have changed and you do not have to be a Republican to vote in this election. I have known Kyle on a professional basis for a long time. He is a former state trooper who served the people of western Maine with integrity, dedication, and common sense for many years.

He even agreed to stay in uniform well beyond his hoped-for retirement date to help fill otherwise empty ranks. Putting Kyle Tilsley into office as county commissioner now is Bethel’s best bet to guarantee good police coverage in the future.

Please look beyond party affiliation and make the effort to vote Tilsley in the Republican primary – June 11 polls or earlier at town office. Again, voting laws have changed. A lot is riding on this particular election. Take the time and be the difference.

Scott Cole

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