Lakeside Dance Academy’s Spring Recital is a perennial favorite of Rangeley’s and the two overflowing audiences that attended this year’s performances on April 26 & 27 provided ample evidence of this fact. Family and friends squeezed together in The Lakeside Theater to marvel in awe at the dancers’ talent and delight in the cuteness of the Littles’ prancing and cavorting.

For 38 years Pam Ellis has provided dance instruction to local students. She’s able to keep the fees at an affordable rate thanks to supplemental aid from The Rangeley Friends of the Arts. Pam teaches nine sections of dance: Tap I & II, Ballet I, II, and III, Jazz I & II, first-year Pointe and upper-level Pointe. Lily Webber, an alumnus of the academy, directs the Creative Movement Class, mostly kindergartners.

Pam’s song selections and choreography supported this year’s theme of New Beginnings:

“Best Day of My Life” from American Authors, danced by the Tap I Class:  Madilyn Charette, Sarita Chavaree, Sasha Hines, Addie Knieser, Sarah Kate Murphy, Ana Orazi, Skyler Thompson, Eric White, Harper Wright

“High Hopes” sung by Frank Sinatra, danced by the Creative Movement Class, under the direction of Lily Webber: Isabelle Bacon, Ivy Bacon, Kaylee Bernier, Mia Dutile, Dylynn Gage, Scarlet Garner, Celia Grierson, Ava Knight, Melody LeMoine, Mandy Morton, Tenley Philbrick.

“Beautiful Day” by U2, danced by the Ballet III Class: Michelle Cerminara, Averie Flewelling, Mya Gellman, Abby Grant, Joslyn Kennett, Addie Knieser, Mia Lynch, Sarah Kate Murphy, Ollie Sherrer, Angelica Woodward


“Wide Open Spaces” by The Dixie Chicks, danced by the Jazz I Class: Sasha Hines, Morghan Webber

“Feeling Good” by Nina Simone, danced by the Jazz II Class: Mya Gellman, Troy Hathaway, Audrey Sutherland, Angelica Woodward

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles, danced by the Ballet I Class: Bella Dutile, Delaney Gage, Clara Gurney, Claire Hayden, Emma Haley, Lilliana Hjelmstad, Seamus Loud,  Lydia O’Neil, Ellie Phadungchai

“All the Right Moves” by OneRepublic

Choreographed and danced by Senior Angelica Woodward, featuring Troy Hathaway

“Unwritten” by Natasha Beddingfield, danced by the Tap II Class:


Mya Gellman, Mia Lynch, Stella MacFawn, Audrey Sutherland

“Orinoco Flow” by Enya, danced by the Ballet II Class:

Penelope Farrar, Abigail Kay, Anah Sutherland, Aliyah Reinholt

“Cool Change” by Little River Band, danced by the upper-level Pointe Class: Michelle Cerminara, Averie Flewelling, Mya Gellman, Abby Grant, Mia Lynch, Ollie Sherrer, Angelica Woodward

“New Day” by Danny Gokey saw the entire Company join together on stage for a sprawling final dance.

This year there were two graduating seniors, and it is a longstanding tradition for these graduates to have a solo dance. Pam summed them up wonderfully: “These are two creative individuals with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing 10 years in the dance studio, imparting what knowledge I can between their many other interests and commitments.  Both girls have been important members of the music and drama programs at RLRS, each having lead roles in the last few school musicals AND they have been consistently featured in RFA community theatrical productions as well. These talented young ladies are well-rounded performers that are so completely comfortable on the stage, that it was easy for them to form their choreographic ideas into their solo dances.”


Averie Flewelling chose Noah Kahan’s “You’re Gonna Go Far” to dance a ballet routine she choreographed herself. In Pam’s words, “The song Averie chose is about someone watching a person they love leave their small hometown and go off to bigger things. Ultimately, the song is about growth and starting a new chapter in life. Last year, Averie was the person letting others know it’s okay to go, and now it’s her turn.”

Angelica Woodward also chose One Republic’s “All the Right Moves” and ballet to express herself. “As her transition to adulthood approaches,” Pam said, “Angie reflects, wishing for the life she could’ve had. She feels that no matter how hard she worked something seemed to get in the way. Her dance partner,” Troy Hathaway, “represents the longing to go back to how things were, but you can’t change the past. What you can do is lead with positivity. The dance ended with the echoing reminder that life may not be fair, but acceptance can bring happiness.”

Pam would like to give special thanks to: The Rangeley Friends of the Arts; Valerie Zapolsky, Justin Orazi (and his transformative lighting), Rowenna Hathaway; the entire Rangeley Fitness Center staff; the Good Shepherd Thrift Shop, and, of course, all of the parents, families and community members who support the efforts of the Lakeside Dance Academy.

Thanks, Pam, for instilling a love of the arts in our children. We can hardly wait until next year.

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