To the Editor:

I see the consolidated-community school issue as needing a public forum and I hope you can help. I propose an everybody-into-the-pool set of pages in the newspaper for letters, emails, and texts from the residents of the eight towns with their opinions on the controversy. I feel it needs to happen every week for a month or more. It’s that important!

I know your letter to the Editor column has stuck to one a week, but I feel that this is an overwhelmingly important issue for all in the Oxford Hills area. We fought tooth and nail for our community school in Otisfield years ago. I am 100% (even 200%!) in favor of community schools.

Please give this request consideration.

Vickie Rogers


Editor’s Note: We are happy to publish letters regarding this important issue. However, a letter will only be published once. Deadline is the Thursday prior to the Thursday of publication.

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