It is that time of year when the outside beckons one to just do the spring cleaning. You know you cannot just sit here and see that stray piece of greenhouse mother nature deposited on the lawn.  She has had a lot of fun this last winter. It became quite a challenge just to stay ahead of her. At my age, I should know better, but I don’t. I keep laboring under the false hope what I do will survive the cold and the wind. But then, I do like a challenge.  I also like the idea of all that free heat coming in from my greenhouse. It was actually not really free this year, thanks to her efforts. I do so enjoy that sunshine in January though. The temperature just climbs right up to 100 degrees and warms these old bones.

I was thinking the other day I should get rid of a lot of stuff. You know, being nice to those that will come after I am gone.  I never did like others having to clean up after my messes. But, as a packrat, and living on the farms as I did, it is so difficult to throw away that broken spade. It could be fixed you know. There were times back in the 60’s I could have used one that short. Well, we will just put it aside for now. I found I had to change my strategy of cleaning up.  I started searching for something I can actually throw away.  After a few hours, I did find a paint brush that was not cleaned.  It is now stiff as a board. Great I am on a roll now, what is next. As the day slowly slides on by, I did indeed find a couple more items. Not quite enough for a trip to the transfer station though. I have a sort of rule. I have to take away more than I bring back. It sort of defeats the purpose if one brings back more than they take. Well, I guess today is not the day for that trip.  I decide to go inside for that last cup of coffee.  No need to waste that.

As I was sitting here with that coffee, I began to wonder. You see, I find I am forgetting just why I went out into the workshop in the first place. Would it be at all possible to clean some of the useless stuff out of my memory banks. Just maybe, cleaning out some stuff would make room for remembering a lot easier. You know, sort of like a computer. You throw out data to make room for more. But, the brain just does not work that way. Just remembering something you forgot, now you remember it again. You know the time that outer state guy slipped on a cow patty is really a useless memory.  Now, you remember that was back in the summer of ’54. All of the other facts about that day are now coming to the front and being deposited on the active memory page. This is not helping at all. There is so much more connected to that little incident I thought I had forgotten. But no, it was just stored in the inactive files of my brain.
As the last cup of coffee slowly disappears, I begin to wonder. It would be a lot better if I became like some of the younger generation. I have indeed noticed some of them just do not think first. One summer when I had a lot of work, I actually tried to hire some of those people. I gotta tell ya folks, I would never do that again. I have indeed gotten into trouble just for remembering stuff. So, I am not sure if this is a gift, or a curse that I can remember what Susan did that night at my house.  (name has changed, I think I changed it) And, that was way back in ’77 or maybe it was in ’76.
I guess it is best I just finish my coffee and go split some more wood. Winter will indeed come back again this year. It always does. Now, that is something worth remembering.  But to remember that snow storm back in 1950 and snow actually came into the house, I guess I could forget that.
You know, come to think of it folks, maybe it would be best if I just lost my mind. I have been asked that once or twice. I guess I gotta think about that one.    Ken White  COB mountainman

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