The Town of Rangeley Board of Selectmen held a meeting on May 20, 2024. The meeting commenced with the opening of the final warrant for a public hearing, although no members of the public were present. The draft of the Budget is available on the town of Rangeley website under the “Documents of Interest” section, titled “CustomBudgetReport3.26.2024”. No public comments were made on non-agenda items.

The Selectmen approved and accepted regular meeting minutes from the Sewer Commission and the Planning Board, as well as the BOS Regular Meeting minutes from May 6, 2024. Under Consent Items, the following appointments were approved: Ethna Thompson and Val Zapolsky to the Ordinance Committee, and Jonathan Lewis as a full-time member of the Planning Board, moving from an alternate position. An alternate position is now open. Interested individuals can apply at the Town Office. All three appointment terms are set to end on June 30, 2027. The Selectmen also accepted donations from Rangeley Lakes Builder’s Supply $5,944 for Dugouts and Concession upgrades; and for Cal Ripken Uniform Contribution; Vining $2,000 for Baseball Diamond Materials, and Cousineau’s $1,800 for Safety Wood Chips at Town Park Playground.

Donation of woodchips for Rangeley Town Park formally accepted at the May 20th BOS meeting. Stephanie Dellavalle

During the meeting, updates were provided on several ongoing matters. The opening date for the dock remains unconfirmed. The Police Chief vacancy has been posted until May 28, with two applications received thus far. A feasibility study for the public works building is underway. The new sewer fee is in place, with no negative feedback reported. Absentee ballots are now available for the upcoming elections.

The Town Manager reviewed the calendar, highlighting key dates such as the Annual Town Meeting on June 11, the Franklin County Strategic Planning session on June 24, and the Solar Moratorium Public Hearing scheduled for June 3. The Solar Moratorium, adopted on July 1, 2023, with a 180-day extension starting December 29, 2023, is set to expire on June 26, 2024. The Board of Selectmen has the authority to extend it for another 180 days, as per M.R.S.A Title 30-A §4356. Additionally, an orientation session with Preti for Boards, Commissions, and Committees is planned for either July 1 or July 15, depending on presenter availability.

Maintenance issues were discussed, including the repair of the sidewalk between Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply and The Shed restaurant. Town Manager Joe Roach will consult with the highway foreman at Public Works to determine if the project will be handled in-house or subcontracted. Concerns were raised about the repainting of crosswalks in town, considering the expected increase in summer traffic. The Town Manager stated the request for restriping was submitted about a month ago, no date yet as to when that will be done.  A quote has been obtained for pedestrian fixtures to be placed in the middle of the road at crosswalks. The Town Manager was asked to explore fixing the non-functional blinking lights at the top of the hill and consider more strategic placement of similar lights throughout the town.

Investments were also a topic of discussion, particularly regarding CDs (certificate of deposits). The Selectmen proposed having Camden and First National provide customized presentations on their offerings, including tracking and structuring tailored to Rangeley’s needs. Select person Wendyll Caisse will collaborate with the Finance Director to plan the timing of the presentations and determine the next steps to meet the deadline in December.

The meeting concluded with an Executive Session, held in accordance with M.R.S.A. Title 1, Chapter 13, Subchapter 1, §405 6(c), focusing on Economic Development. Upon exiting the session, the Selectmen reported that no action was taken.

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