Bethel voters will be handed three ballots June 11. Rose Lincoln/Bethel Citzen

BETHEL —  Town Clerk Jessicca Grover confirmed that someone other than the moderator she had called, contacted her to be Bethel’s Town Meeting Moderator at Town Meeting on June 12.

Grover declined to say who had asked to be moderator.

Typically the moderator is contacted by the town clerk. They are chosen by paper ballot on election day, June 11, by election workers and other registered voters.

The election for town moderator must take place before the polls open at 8 a.m.

Grover said often the town meeting moderator contacted by the town clerk cannot be present at the election. In that case the proposed moderator will elect a town worker or send a representative to oversee the election. That person will then deputize the moderator to oversee the town meeting.

Under Maine State Law (30A SS 2524), the elected moderator is responsible for certifying the election and “shall serve until the [town] meeting is adjourned.”


Other Town Moderator rules apply, too. During town meeting, “All persons shall be silent at the moderator’s command. A person may not speak before that person is recognized by the moderator. A person who is not a voter in the town may speak at the meeting only with the consent of 2/3 of the voters present.”

Many area towns choose to elect their moderator at the start of Town Meeting with voters present. Both scenarios are allowed under Maine State Law.

Three ballots

Bethel voters will be handed three pieces of paper, said Grover.

They will be asked to choose a Republican or Democratic ballot from the State. (A Green Independent option does not apply for Bethel voters for this election). Grover said a voter’s ballot choice is predicated by their voting designation.  If a voter is unenrolled or independent, they have the same meaning in Maine, you can choose either ballot.

Grover said town election workers will clearly ask you your ballot designation. “You are supposed to hear what the clerks say… that is part of their training,” she said.


Maine ballot

The State of Maine Republican primary ballot asks you to choose one U.S. Senator; one Rep. to Congress; one State Senator; one Rep. to the Legislature; one Judge of Probate; one Register of Probate and one County Commissioner.

On the State of Maine Democratic primary ballot none of the corresponding positions are opposed and there are no democratic contenders for: Judge of Probate, Register of Probate or County Commissioner.

Voters from Albany Township and Mason Township will be handed a slightly different ballot. They are in District 1, so their Republican County Commissioner candidate is different. There is no Democratic candidate for County Commissioner.

Town ballot

The town ballot asks you to choose one candidate for select board: Incumbent Pat McCartney or Ron Savage.


Bethel Board of Assessors asks for two candidates. One candidate, George Angevine, is listed. There are spaces for one or more write-in candidates.

Other votes are required: two write-in Bethel-resident candidates for SADD-44 Board Director; and one write-in Greenwood-resident candidate for SADD-44 Board Director. No candidates are listed for these open seats.

SADD-44 Board Director positions for Woodstock and Newry list one candidate for each seat: Sheryl Morgan for Woodstock and Meredith Harrop for Newry.

All of the above positions carry three-year terms.

MSAD 44 

The final sheet of paper is a ballot for the MSAD 44 district budget validation referendum. The budget was adopted at the latest district budget meeting.


A “yes” or “no” vote is required.

Grover said she does not expect poll watchers on June 11, but they will likely be there at the November elections, she said. Poll watchers are people assigned by a political party or candidate to observe activities at a polling place to guard against illegal voting, fraudulent counting of ballots and other violations of election laws. If they do come, said Grover, they are allowed in designated areas outside the poll booth area.

About eight to 10 local voters, a mix of Republicans and Democrats, work at the polls on election day, said Grover who added, “I hope we have a good election, a good turnout and people are pleasant and have a good experience at the polls.”

Vote at the American Legion Mundt-Allen Post 81, 85 Vernon Street, Bethel on Tuesday, June 11, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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