NORWAY — Norway Memorial Library, May 2024

Ackerman, Sara – The Uncharted Flight of Olivia West
Alvarez, Julia – The Cemetery of Untold Stories
Armstrong, Kelley – The Boy Who Cried Bear
– Disturbing the Dead
Austin, Emily – Interesting Facts About Space
Bailey, Tessa – Fangirl Down
Baldacci, David – A Calamity of Souls
Bannalec, Jean-Luc – Death of a Master Chef
Bardugo, Leigh – The Familiar
Berry, Steve – The Atlas Maneuver
Black, Cara – Murder at La Villette
Bohjalian, Chris – The Princess of Las Vegas
Box, C.J. – Three-Inch Teeth
Brown, Gareth – The Book of Doors
Choo, Yangsze – The Fox Wife
Clifton, Ash – Twice the Trouble
Connolly, John – The Instruments of Darkness
Cornwell, Bernard – Sharpe’s Command
Crummey, Michael – The Adversary
Davies, Carys – Clear
Doctorow, Cory – The Bezzle
Donati, Sara – The Sweet Blue Distance
Du Brul, Jack – Clive Cussler’s The Heist
Enger, Leif – I Cheerfully Refuse
Everett, Percival – James
Fforde, Jasper – Red Side Story
Fortune, Carley – This Summer Will Be Different
Fourteen Days: A Collaborative Novel
French, Tana – The Hunter
Freudenberger, Nell – The Limits
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel – Until August
Gowda, Shilpi Somaya – A Great Country
Graham, Heather – The Reaper Follows
Griffiths, Elly – The Last Word
Grisham, John – Camino Ghosts
Hannah, Kristin – The Women
Henry, Emily – Funny Story
Hayes, Terry – The Year of the Locust
Hogle, Sarah – Old Flames and New Fortunes
Hoke, Henry – Open Throat

Holiday, Jenny – Canadian Boyfriend
Hood, Ann – The Stolen Child
Howard, Scott Alexander – The Other Valley
Hurwitz, Gregg – Lone Wolf
Jacobs, Nova – The Stars Turned Inside Out
Jimenez, Abby – Just for the Summer
Jones, Dan – Wolves in Winter
Jones, Stephen Graham – Earthdivers: Ice Age
July, Miranda – All Fours
Kellerman, Jonathan – The Ghost Orchid
Khong, Rachel – Real Americans
King, Laurie R. – The Lantern’s Dance
Koontz, Dean – The Bad Weather Friend
Kuang, Yulin – How to End a Love Story
Kubica, Mary – She’s Not Sorry
Kwan, Kevin – Lies and Weddings
Lawson, Mike – Kingpin
Maas, Sarah J. – House of Flame and Shadow
Mallery, Susan – The Summer Book Club
Maupin, Armistead – Mona of the Manor
McFadden, Frieda – One by One
– Teacher
– Ward D

Messud, Claire – This Strange Eventful History
O’Connor, Elizabeth – Whale Fall
Orange, Tommy – Wandering Stars
Outen, Karen – Dixon, Descending
Paretsky, Sara – Pay Dirt
Parris, B.A. – The Guest
Patterson, James – The Murder Inn
– 24th Hour
Payne, Nikki – Sex, Lies and Sensibility
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth – Simply the Best
Preston, Douglas – Extinction
Quindlen, Anna – After Annie
Quinn, Kate – The Phoenix Crown
Reich, Christopher – Matterhorn
Rice, Luanne – Last Night
Roberts, Nora – Mind Games
Rose, Jeneva – Home is Where the Bodies Are
Ross, Rebecca – Ruthless Vows
Ryan, Hank Phillippi – One Wrong Word
Sandford, John – Toxic Prey
Scottoline, Lisa – The Truth About the Devlins

Shattuck, Jessica – Last House
Shepard, Sara – Nowhere Like Home
Shields, Sydney – The Honey Witch
Simonson, Helen – The Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club
Spufford, Francis- Cahokia Jazz
Steel, Danielle – Only the Brave
Stein, Charlotte – When Grumpy Met Sunshine
Sullivan, Mark – All the Glimmering Stars
Toibin, Colm – Long Island
Towles, Amor – Table for Two: Fictions
Ware, Ruth – One Perfect Couple
Waters, Martha – To Woo and To Wed
Westerbeke, Douglas – A Short Walk Through a Wide World
Williams, Tia – A Love Song for Ricki Wilde
Winslow, Don – City in Ruins

Maine Fiction:
Bowring, Shannon – The Road to Dalton
King, Stephen – You Like It Darker
MZ – The Moorings of Mackerel Sky
Peters, Amanda – The Berry Pickers
Woods, Monica – How To Read a Book

Large Print:
Lawhon, Ariel – The Frozen River

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