I recently asked a chorus class at Edward Little High School what they thought about the City of Auburn’s approach to funding the the music department at ELHS.

Do you think the City of Auburn should do more to fund the music department at ELHS?

“The City of Auburn should do more to fund the music department so the students have greater access to updated pieces of music, newer instruments and more money for trips. More funding would help the students in chorus, band and orchestra have an opportunity to enjoy newer, more updated equipment.”

Dainia Sylvester, Senior

“Yes, because I think that we need more field trips.”

Lucretia Blais, Freshman

“Yes, because we work hard and should be rewarded for our efforts .”

Chris Schnopp, Junior

“Yes, so we can go on trips and go sing at other schools and sing with other people.”

Jenn Newton, Senior

“Yes, we should be enriched in the arts.”

Kyle W., Sophomore

“Yes, because chorus is a school activity and we should be able to get things that we need for chorus, and there are things that we need like a stage that would be good to perform on so that we don’t have to perform in the the gym and the reason for this is because our voice echos when we sing in the gym.”

Jen Darling, Senior

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