Serafim Yssolo paints the side of the building Tuesday at 413 Main Street in Lewiston. The location is the future sight of a Brazilian-style steakhouse called Food Point. Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Churrasco is the Portuguese word for barbecue. A churrascaria in Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries is where you go to eat a very popular style of grilled meats.

Back in December, the Buzz told you a Brazilian-style steakhouse was in the works and now we can say, it’s almost ready to open.

Food Point is the name of the restaurant and bar taking shape at 413 Main St., Lewiston, in the former Yvette’s Cucina space. It has been remodeled, painted and is in the final stages of assembling the kitchen and a few other elements.

It’s a small, but not cramped, interior with two dining areas, buffet area, bar and seating for between 50 and 60.

Exterior sign painting and sign installation has been underway this week, while the Buzz spoke with the very outgoing and excited owner, Rita Ferreira. She’s from Luanda, Angola, the capital of a former Portuguese colony, where she ran a similar restaurant for nine years.

There won’t be men in suits carrying large skewers of fresh meat from table-to-table as you might see in the fancy churrascarias. Ferreira will offer beef, lamb, pork, chicken and homemade Portuguese sausage, buffet style. The offerings will include salads, soups, bean dishes and Ferreira says she will have vegetarian offerings.


Caipirinhas will be the specialty house cocktail, traditionally made with cachaca, a Brazilian rum made from sugar cane. But at Food Point the house drink will be offered with traditional lime juice or passion fruit, strawberry or mucua juice, which comes from the fruit of the baobab tree in Angola and other parts of Africa.

Ferreira is also fond of chocolate and plans to make her own desserts in house, starting with familiar chocolate cakes and tiramisu.

Finishing touches and a final health inspection are next and Ferreira hopes to be open in three weeks, if all the stars align.

She plans on hiring about six employees including a host, two servers, bartender, kitchen help and salad makers.

Food Point plans to be open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Weekend night hours could be extended, depending on demand.

Watch the Buzz for new photos, contact information and an official opening date in the near future.


Mason’s Brewing Company suspends plans to build brewery in Auburn 

Big plans for a vacant plot of land on the Androscoggin River in Auburn are in disarray, with Mason’s Brewing Company confirming it has suspended plans “for now” to bring a 7,000-square-foot restaurant and brewery to downtown Auburn in what was supposed to be a mixed-use building at 186 Main St., Auburn.

The development was announced back in July 2022, and was to be built on a vacant lot bought from the city by Great Falls Construction, based in Gorham.

Mason’s Brewing Co. suspended plans to open a 7,000-square-foot restaurant and brewery at 186 Main St. in Auburn, the area highlighted at left in yellow. City of Auburn photo

Mason’s new brewery initially was projected to be completed and ready to open by last summer. Owner and brewer Chris Morley would not say why the plans were changed, but offered this: “We just opened another location in Machias and hope that in the future we can circle back to Auburn.”

Poland Spring parent company BlueTriton announced it is rolling out aluminum bottles to replace plastic ones as part of a long-term sustainability plan. Submitted photo

Poland Spring switching to aluminum bottles

The parent company of Poland Spring water, BlueTriton, announced it’s beginning to make the switch from plastic to aluminum bottles as part of the company’s sustainability goals.


Major water brands like Coca-Cola’s Dasani, PepsiCo’s Aquafina and Nestle’s Pure Life products started making the switch as early as 2019 and BlueTriton joins dozens of other brands to follow suit.

BlueTriton also says it has partnered with global charity 1% for the Planet, committing to donate 1% of aluminum bottle sales to environmental groups that are part of the charity’s network.

Aluminum bottles and cans are slowly replacing plastic bottles, which are coming under increased scrutiny for health and sustainability concerns.

Americans throw away 60 million plastic water bottles every day, with an estimated 80% of them not recycled. Aluminum bottles and cans have a higher cost, but also have a much higher rate of recycling and can be recycled again and again.

Auburn Law firm closing after 93 years

A law firm that was founded in Auburn in 1931 will close May 31 after 93 years practicing law in Maine. The three remaining partners at Linnell, Choate and Webber — John S. Oxman, Richard J. O’Brien and John W. Conway — are all retiring.

The firm was founded by Frank W. Linnell in 1931 and has served clients in the Lewiston-Auburn area ever since. Clients who have not already been in touch with the firm who want to retrieve their files need to contact the firm at 207-784-4563.

Wills and probate files not picked up by May 31 will be transferred to the firm of Peters & Roberge at 937 Main St., Lewiston. You can contact them at 207-784-1446.

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