The Sun Journal article on Nov. 15 concerning “”Preacher in ‘cutting mood,'”” where Mr. Doug Taylor spoke out against the Harry Potter book, was quite different. Maybe I missed something, or the whole story wasn’t told.

I read he is against the books. He cut these books up, is adamantly against anyone having these books and calls them evil. He is even quoted, “”You get involved in this, it’s gonna make you dirty.””

He makes such a display against this book and even invites other pastors from the area to participate in the book cutting, declaring he is Pentecostal and believes in power!

First off, I truly hope people realize that not all Pentecostals make such a display of themselves in this manner and a lot of Pentecostals believe in power and that is why we pray. Prayer is a powerful weapon if used properly!

Secondly, through all the hype of these horrible books and how they make you dirty, then, if I read this right, how could he allow 30 members to sit down and watch such a despicable film about Harry Potter and witchcraft? Is this a mixed message or what?

You either believe it is evil and have nothing to do with it or you just put on a show and say it is evil and indulge in the fruit of the film. Why would you go through all of that to sit and watch it anyway?

I am against evil and speak against it in services, but I do not watch evil or read it. If anyone thought it was so bad, why would they open up a child’s mind to these things for them to struggle with by having them watch it?

Even as an adult, if it is so horrible why subject yourself to the evils?

Pentecostals should preach against sin and wickedness and not against books or movies. If people love righteousness they will get the message and do what they know is right!

Rev. Lyn Hodgdon, Poland Spring

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