Auburn Middle School had their first pep rally in years to show their appreciation towards the students involved in athletics. The sports that were honored were boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer field hockey, and the big one, junior varsity and varsity football. Part of the reason for the pep rally was to honor both junior and varsity football making it to the championship games. The cheerleaders even prepared a special routine for those involved.

The picture you see is of team seven student Magda Kuna who is showing her school spirit all over her face. Since the school had such a successful pep rally, it got the football players pumped up for the game , they beat Lewiston for the championship trophy. The trophy will remain in the trophy case at the Auburn Recreation Department.

Auburn Middle School staff, after seeing the enthusiasm of the students at the pep rally, will consider having more pep rallies in the future to honor the students who represent the school in athletic sports.

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