I am writing in response to the article called “”Preacher in a cutting mood”” in the Nov. 15 Sun Journal. It just so happens that in my seventh grade language arts class we are reading “”Fahrenheit 451.”” This article made me think of that.

This man, Doug Taylor, wants to cut up the book “Harry Potter,” saying that the contents of the book are scaring young children. I personally think that this man’s actions are scaring young children.

If he believes that the Harry Potter books are “”full of witchcraft and pagan religion,”” then I don’t think he should read them. Mr. Taylor said, “”You can burn literature. It’s not censorship.””

Why wouldn’t it be censorship when he is taking away another human’s rights because he thinks it is wrong. He doesn’t want people to read it.

Mr. Taylor claims that he can cut books because the Bible gives him the authority to burn magic books. But doesn’t the Bible also state that people are equal?

Harry Potter is really a good book and although Mr. Taylor does have the right to cut up his own books, saying that he will only stop “”when everybody else says they’re wrong and I’m right”” is stretching things a bit too far.

I do have a freedom of choice that not even Mr. Taylor can take away from me.

Mathew Rodney, Litchfield

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