When I read the Nov. 27 letter sent in by Lisa Kimball titled “”Wait a minute,”” I felt that something needed to be said.

Lately, this city seems to be flooded with Christian fundamentalists all crying for the banishment of Harry Potter books. Why Harry Potter?

Lisa Kimball says, “”Sword fighting, giant spiders, man eating snakes?” How can these people attack a fictional book when the same content is printed in the Bible. A true story?

David and Goliath? Giant locusts? Man-eating fish?

I’ve been reading Harry Potter for three years and it hasn’t changed me into an ax murderer, a criminal or a spell-chanting pagan. The values Harry and his friends promote include kindness to others, sharing, respect and tolerance. I believe these wholesome principles do not turn good children into bad adults.

When I see adults act like children, cutting books and taking fantasy for real, I question their motives. Are they really doing this in Christ’s name, or just to attract attention?

Harry Potter is an inspired piece of fiction that has motivated kids to start reading again. It’s wonderful to see kids take interest in a book that promotes good values.

Harry Potter will always be around, no matter how many people cut the books or try to defame him.

Andre T. Demers, Auburn

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