Harry Potter. To many people, these two words are offensive because they are associated with witchcraft.

Yes, I will admit that this book/movie does contain some witchcraft, but — get over it!

Witch burnings/hangings happened in the 18th century. We don’t need to burn books because it has witches and warlocks. Characters cannot jump out of a magical book, so why are we so scared of a book?

If you ask anyone who’s leading a strike against the books they’ll say because they are full of witchcraft.

Hello! That’s the point of the book.

It is completely harmless to read — yes, read — a book that contains material such as this.

I can assure religious leaders that 8-, 9- or 10-year-olds aren’t at home practicing magic because it doesn’t exist.

If parents are concerned, they should read the book for themselves. I can almost guarantee that parents will not find the book’s material offensive.

Think about it, this book is under the category of fantasy because that’s exactly what it is, a book that fantasizes what it would be like if there actually were witches and wizards.

Also, what is wrong with imagination? Where would the world be today if people couldn’t imagine things?

Imagination is a trait that everyone has, and it’s a good trait.

When I heard about the Harry Potter forum at the Ramada I was deeply offended. Doug Taylor was demonstrating the principle that if you don’t agree with something, you should burn it, or cut it up.

What if I don’t like my next-door neighbor? Am I going to burn down their house? No. I am going to act as a mature adult and deal with it.

The entire purpose of the letter is not to try and convince the world that Harry Potter is good or bad, because I can’t do that. My point is, that people should not go around preaching that if you read the books you’re going to burn in hell because that is as far from the truth as you can possibly get.

Ashley Lauze, Rumford

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