“Bigot.” That’s what white people are called when they don’t agree with diversity hate groups. That’s right, the people who teach diversity are bigots and they hate America and they hate white people who do not believe in socialism.

I am a white, heterosexual Christian male, and I’m proud to be white, just as a black person is proud, or an Indian or an Asian, etc. And why shouldn’t I be proud? Just look at all the discoveries and inventions my race has contributed to the world.

Sure, there have been bad things whites have done, but so has every other race in the world. I believe the good far exceeds the bad.

I believe in borders, language and culture, and so if a person wants to come to my country they should be self-supported, not state-supported. And they should offer this country something besides the color of their skin or nationality, and want to become Americans.

The diversity hate groups would have you believe that the Somalis came here because Maine is a great place to raise a family (and it is) and not because the 4-year limit on welfare in Georgia ran out.

Of course the job market here is so great that everyone has a job (yeah, right). If that’s true, then why do any of the Somalis head for the welfare office and not the job center? Then they have the gall to say we owe it to them and we must support them because to do otherwise makes us bigots.

It’s not just the Somalis either, it’s a lot of people on the welfare rolls who think we owe it to them.

To those Somalis who are working and trying to become productive members of this great country, I say “welcome.”

To the others, I don’t hate them, I just don’t want to support them.

I would say to Mainers that when people start hollering for diversity, hide your wallet.

Mike Goodwin, Greene

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