By Bobby Guerette

Edward Little High School

The results of Maine’s November 5 election mirrored the outcome of Edward Little’s Mock Election. On October 30, social studies teacher Miss Cynthia Peters and her AP Government class administered a realistic election in which hundreds of students participated.

“I think it’s important that everyone gets to know how the people who aren’t old enough to vote feel about who should be in our government,” said Junior Renee Collet after casting her vote.

Edward Little students elected Republican Susan Collins to the Senate, Democrat John Baldacci to the governorship and Democrat Mike Michaud to the Second Congressional District. They all won by large margins. The results: 63.5% of students voted for Collins, compared to 35.9% for Democrat Chellie Pingree.

Baldacci had more votes than the three other gubernatorial candidates combined. Results: 22% of students voted for Republican Peter Cianchette for governor; 10.8% for independent John Michael; 6.9% for Green Independent Party candidate Jonathan Carter.

In the House district, Michaud reeled in more than double the votes of his opponent, Republican Kevin Raye.

Teachers also voted in this election. Pingree, Baldacci and Michaud, all Democrats, won with faculty. To hold this mock election, Miss Peters and her staff had to do a great amount of work. As in the real election, everyone who voted had to register in advance. Registration lists were compiled and names checked off as students went to their “ward” to vote (Wards were divided by grade level.) They voted in real voting booths ,supplied by the City of Auburn, and placed their ballots in locked ballot boxes. Nearly everything in the election was a reflection of what happens in real life. There were poll workers to supervise the polling for fraud. Students could even cast absentee ballots if they were unable to vote during the day.

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