Should the mayor of Lewiston step down?

I do not think he should step down for speaking his mind in an effort to convey his concern over the overwhelming migration of Somalis to Lewiston.

In fact, I feel that the majority of people in the state of Maine are not telling the truth about how they really feel for fear of being called prejudiced where the Somalis are concerned. The feeling I get is that no one is prejudiced; people are just upset that Somalis or any other immigrants are using financial help, whether it be state, federal or town, before our own are taken care of. There are out-of-work families, hungry families and those in need of medical attention and medications that they cannot afford without state or federal help and, sometimes, town help, also.

If the federal government would take care of its own first in all these areas, I’m sure, we, the people of the United States, would have no problem in supporting immigrants from any other country.

Stella Cannain, Litchfield

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