I am ashamed to live in a state with such gutless leaders as we appear to have in Augusta. How dare they go against our president in the matter of national security?

If they discovered a neighbor planned to kill their husbands, wives or children, would they just sit back and wait for it to happen before taking any action?

How idiotic!

Or perhaps they feel they know more about what is going on in Iraq than our FBI?

How astounding!

I hope the newspapers will print a list of all who vote against our president and our nation if this stupid idea does come up for a vote. Perhaps they should check with the people of Maine first to see how we feel about it, as the people I know are not such gutless, nave wonders.

On other matters, please leave us snowmobilers alone. People killed on snowmobiles are nearly always intoxicated, going too fast for trail conditions, lack common sense or are just unlucky, and no helmet law will prevent these deaths. All summer on Route 4 motorcycles pass me going 70-90 mph with helmetless riders.

Is it more dangerous to hit a tree at 40 mph or another vehicle doing 70 mph?

Legislators should leave us and our rights alone. They should work on the economy, lack of medical coverage and the things we voted them in for. We are already overtaxed and overregulated. We need more policy wardens, judges, welfare workers and medical personnel, not laws to take away more of our rights.

Brenda Packard, Buckfield

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