Our representatives in Washington are not working for us anymore. They take away jobs by letting American big business go overseas.

These companies employ people with hardly any benefits, pay them little money and let children work if they can get away with it. They destroy countries’ environments because these are usually poor countries with poor leadership.

Our government allows farms to feed their livestock genetically altered food. Is that good for us?

Our government pushes drugs on the military, and if you don’t take them you’re kicked out. Some of these drugs have put our soldiers into psychotic states of mind.

Our government gives out vaccines that contain mercury that has caused harm to children, yet nothing is being done.

Our government receives a bill for homeland security and yet people illegally cross the border from Mexico into the United States every night.

Our government lets CEOs wipe away a person’s life savings and has not yet done anything about it except pass another bill just to make it easier to keep doing it.

Do people know that it is the United States government that let companies sell biological and chemical weapons to Iraq in the first place? Maybe these people should be under investigation.

According to the Constitution we are not supposed to attack another country unless they attack us or threaten us, and Iraq has done neither.

We are threatening Iraq with the death of millions of people and they did say they will defend themselves. Wouldn’t we do the same?

Our forefathers created the Constitution in three branches so that one man does not have complete, full power. Our government gave that power to one man to declare war. What went wrong?

We the people are no longer we the people.

America, embrace your new dictator: George Bush the adolescent.

Joyce Giasson, Rumford

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