Recent letters and local political actions have finally incensed me enough to voice my complete disgust with our elected state and local officials.

First, let me state that I am and have been a registered Democrat for most of my life. However, that does not make me a liberal any more than being a Republican makes someone a conservative. Like most people I believe I am both liberal and conservative depending on the issue. I also have a son who is currently serving in the military in the Middle East.

Having stated that, why any city, town or, for that matter, state government would involve themselves in debating and voting on a resolution concerning a war with national and international ramifications is to me moronic and, some could argue, seditious. These elected officials are using my tax dollars and resources to make a decision without the ability or access to the military and security intelligence that is essential to base a sound decision on. One could argue the necessary intelligence in general.

It is time that we supported our military and our elected federal politicians and quit undermining their ability with resolutions that are made based on uninformed opinions and political agendas.

State and local officials need to take heed because I, for one, will never support or vote for any state or local representative, Democrat or Republican, who votes against our national interests. That wastes our tax dollars and resources, undermines our military and weakens the ability of our elected federal officials to negotiate on the international level.

Kerry Halterman, Oxford

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