The Maine Senate just doesn’t get it, does it? If senators believe, for even a moment, that they can deflect the escalating budget crisis away from them, apparently they will go to any means to do so. The anti-war resolution that was passed on Feb. 4 is a misguided, arrogant and completely inappropriate response to the administration’s effort to finding a solution to world-wide terrorism!

Maine has a $1.1 billion budget deficit, a health care system out of control, one of the highest tax burdens in the nation and is the second least friendly state to do business with in this country. Those are the core issues this Legislature should be dealing with, not trying to make national policy for the purposes of self-promotion and, even worse, deliberate partisan politics!

Wake up Augusta, businesses and young people are leaving this state in record breaking numbers and all you can do is pat yourselves on the back for making a statement about national policy. What’s wrong with this picture?

We have had state government that has been led, far too long, by people who have no understanding of what it means to run a business and make a payroll. Until that changes, I’m afraid we can expect more of the same.

John Williams, Norway

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