With all the negative news in the media today, it is nice to see a local municipality doing something to acknowledge “”good deeds”” committed by people in the community.

The Brunswick Police Department is starting to give out commemorative coins to people who have done good deeds. They are also giving these coins out in six other cities throughout Maine, including Lewiston. The reasons for giving out the coins to the people are up to the individual police officers. This is a great way for the police officers to show that they are appreciative of the generosity of those in the community.

Such programs are a good idea because they recognize those who are helping others in need and, hopefully, it will lead to others helping others as well. It encourages responsibility and leadership and could start a trend.

These deeds should not be something that can not easily be done, like taking someone’s dog for a walk. It should be something more, like stopping on the side of the street when someone runs out of gas and bringing it to them. Another example would be returning someone’s lost wallet. A good thing would also be helping someone out of a burning building.

Those are the kinds of actions of the people in our community that should be recognized.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate how our communities can come together. Hopefully, this program will have beneficial results and will continue long into our future.

Emily Morin, Lewiston

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