Every weekend what does Kayla Lefebvre, a freshman at Poland Regional High School, do? She does Motocross, which is a race with dirt bikes, at Hemonds in Minot. Kayla started riding a dirt bike two months ago, and started racing one month ago. She says she doesn’t race against the boys yet because she just started. At least eight to ten other girls race at Hemonds. Kayla says that she recently came in third in a race. When asked to comment about her new hobby Kayla responded enthusiastically saying, “[motocross] is a bunch of fun.” When asked if she would encourage other girls to do it she said, “Of course because, ya!”

Motocross is racing a specially designed motorcycle on a closed course, with a variety of terrains, uphill, downhill, corners, jumps, etc.

The race is timed, with the fastest participant receiving the first place trophy. There is no specific age that you have to be to race. Motocross originated in Europe after World War 2. Moto is both French and Spanish for motorcycle. The cross came from Cross Country.

Her interest in motocross makes Kayla an interesting teenager. In many other ways though, she is just an ordinary high school freshman. Kayla was born on September 9, 1988.

She says that her favorite color is yellow. Her favorite pizza topping is “just cheese.” Kayla’s favorite food is pizza dip, and her favorite dessert is Eclair pie. Sponge Bob Square Pants is her favorite television show. Kayla’s favorite movie is Monsters Inc. Science is her favorite subject. She doesn’t have a favorite book. In addition to doing Motocross, she also likes to play soccer and hang with friends in her spare time.

Motocross: Glossary of terms

MOTO – The determined amount of time of each race.

BERM – The dirt that is pushed up on the outside of a corner, and used to accelerate through the corner.

DOUBLE JUMP – Two separate jumps made in one jump.

TRIPLE JUMP – Three consecutive jumps made in one jump.

TABLE TOP – Jump on one side, flat on top, and land on downside.

HOLESHOT – Term used at the beginning of race to determine who gets to the first turn first.

STEP-UP – Two jumps going up hill that one makes in one jump.

WHOOP-DE-DO’S – Consecutive small jumps or bumps on a straightaway.

OFF CAMBER – A corner or straight that is made on a hill.

BRAKING BUMPS – Bumps created by the motorcycle from braking coming into a corner.

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