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RUMFORD – The SAD 43 board unanimously approved a resolution opposing a legislative bill that would grant teachers more power in the setting of educational policy.

They also directed the superintendent to look into alternative ways of funding junior varsity sports.

Superintendent Danny Michaud told the board that if the law was to pass, educational policy would be negotiated during teacher contract sessions.

“Boards must be very careful not to erode the little power they do have,” said Michaud.

If the law passed, Michaud said, such things as setting the school calendar year could become part of negotiations.

Mexico representative Courtney Prentiss, a former superintendent, said teachers have opportunities to provide input in the writing of policy. And they are allowed to negotiate working conditions.

“I want a strong letter sent to our representatives (telling) how this would affect education,” he said.

The board also directed Michaud to look into the legality of the Sports Boosters Club paying to hire people to coach three spring junior varsity sports programs. The action followed a close vote against finding money in the district budget to pay for junior varsity or assistant coaches for baseball, softball and track.

Voters last year approved a budget that had excluded such funding. A group of parents, students and Sports Boosters Club members had appeared at the meeting to ask for reconsideration of the funding.

Barrett and Michaud have said that such funding could affect teacher contract negotiations.

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