Due to the military’s unprecedented success and limited casualties in Iraq, the anti-war movement has been reduced to melodramatic “die ins” on public streets and gutless private acts such as throwing rocks at the car of a female member of National Guard recently in Vermont.

Getting four nave children out of an entire state to write letters about a “beautiful world without war” is hardly news unless one chooses to emphasize how few children chose to participate and how few parents allowed their children to be exploited for such left wing propaganda (April 7).

Protesters should be asked the following questions:

1) If the war is wrong because Iraq never “attacked” our country, would it have been wrong to attack Hitler’s Germany even though he posed no threat to our soil?

2) Why do they march in local rallies to protest the abuse of women and children yet excuse the rape, torture and murder of thousands of women, children and men in Iraq?

3) Why do they point out that France and Russia opposed going to Iraq, yet always omit that the former had $3.5 billion in exports to Iraq since 1996 while the latter is still owed many millions of dollars for illegal weapons it sold to Saddam?

4) Finally, ask them if the real reason why they hate Bush’s policy is because the guy they voted for had supporters who could not punch out a single hole next to his name.

Good luck getting any answers.

Robert D. Beauchesne, Lewiston

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