WILTON – Planners will meet to discuss a proposed subdivision ordinance when they meet Thursday.

They have no applications before them. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the town office.

In March, planners decided to further review a state model of a subdivision ordinance before presenting anything to voters.

The town has no subdivision ordinance, but does have 19 state criteria by which officials can review subdivisions.

Those criteria, however, do not spell out the details of what would be required of an applicant.

While planners feel the state criteria now in effect are too vague, they also have said that the model ordinance may be too complex and also contains regulations that already exist in the town.

Planners agreed to go over the model ordinance and compare it with the state criteria, possibly coming up with their own ordinance, which incorporates both. If they decide to bring the issue to voters this year, they will need to have a proposal ready by the middle of May.

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