Since I witnessed the toppling of Saddam’s statue I am more convinced than ever that good comes from every evil. If you trust God.

Sept. 11 was a horrendous day. Nevertheless, if that day had not happened we would not see Iraq liberated today.

I believe that President Bush (like Moses) was chosen to liberate his people.

Moses liberated the Jews from Egypt and, George Bush, the people where Abraham was born.

Many people have bashed our president, called him every name under the sun. But, in my eyes, he’s a determined and committed man to the people of the U.S. with a heart big enough to look after his neighbor. We should have more like him.

Some countries see the U.S. as a superpower and are green with envy. Thank God, we are. We defend every country who needs help, but where are they when we need help?

Hiding under their desks!

Those in the streets who protest the war have never lived in a country where fear rules. They do not know how much they are hurting our troops that are risking their lives so protesters can parade and shout in the streets against the war.

I admire our president, Mr. Blair and all those countries that had enough heart and trust to jump in with President Bush. We, those who believe in freedom for all people, thank them. We thank the men and women who are fighting for us and for our brothers so they can be free.

Jane B. Theriault, Lewiston

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