Kudos to the Sun Journal for the front page photo of April 11. Anguish is a mild word to describe the state of that family whose men were shot dead by Marines.

The Iraqis were traditionally pro-American and remained so until the current invasion. They did not ask to be “liberated” despite their burden. At least they had security of their homes.

If the architects of this invasion would tell their secret agenda to the American people then democracy would shine. Instead, they exude false patriotism and lead with jingoistic slogans while their ruse is smeared on captive screens and the ill-informed public.

Yes, war is horrible, but it’s not a mantra to accept violation of life on all sides.

Everyone who cares about that and the freedom we enjoy should get together in not only supporting the troops, but their mission to demand the real design of a foreign policy that does nothing but misrepresent the soul, good nature and generosity of America as a nation.

How do I know?

I’m an expatriate of that land just invaded, proud of its heritage and history and an “adopted” American, proud of the values and principles that made this wonderful nation. Neither I nor anyone like to see these values squandered by some elites whose interests lie elsewhere.

I offer prayers for all, including my family members who are still in Baghdad. I haven’t heard about them since the post office tower serving their area was flattened two weeks ago.

Maged S. Khoory, Lewiston

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