Sen. Olympia Snowe is to be applauded for not buckling under Washington pressure to increase the proposed tax cut from $350 billion to $550 billion.

A large number of highly regarded U.S economists have openly opposed this administration’s push for astronomical tax cuts. They know that the wealthy few will be the prime beneficiaries of this tax cut (in the tens of thousands of dollars), the average worker will be lucky to receive a couple hundred dollars, while some folks will get nothing.

In order for us to have “government of the people, by the people and for the people,” it is our responsibility to keep well-informed and read all sides of the issues. Then it is our responsibility to vote and keep in touch with our elected officials on an ongoing basis to let them know when they are or are not working in our best interests.

We need to do our own lobbying, much as the large corporations do.

Claire J. Roger-Anctil, Lewiston

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