Sen. Snowe deserves bushels of flowers, piles of thank yous and our deep gratitude for her efforts to prevent tax cuts that would almost exclusively benefit the wealthy! Instead, those very people are trying to make us think she has robbed us of something!

President Bush is remaining loyal to the rich “coupon clippers,” stockholders and CEOs who spent big bucks to get him elected. His plan to re-boot the economy is absurd.

A person who has an income in six figures is hardly likely to dramatically change their spending habits with a tax cut. The purchase of luxury cars, furs and yachts is hardly helpful to the manufacturing sector. And, as for providing employment, these people seem prone to employ illegal aliens rather than U.S. citizens!

Percentage wise, these people already pay less tax than the average person.

The tax cut on dividends only benefits people who get dividends. The tax cut on capital gains only benefits people who sell stock at a profit. These are not tax cuts for the average working person who would be left holding the bag for the bill for the war.

So, let’s give Sen. Snowe some thanks for fighting for the people of Maine!

Joanne Dunlap, Rangeley

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