Photos by Renee Colette

There’s a new TV show hitting the Maine television airwaves soon. What was formally known as “The Edge with Jake Sasseville” is in the stages of re-working the format, the studio set and its staff of producers, writers and technicians from the ground up.

“The Edge with Jake Sasseville” debuted in December 2001 on Channel 11 – GFTV. Since its debut with a working staff of about 30 individuals, the show has prided itself on two things – welcoming nationally renown guests and having the staff comprised solely of teenaged crew members.

Last year, “The Edge” pioneered its way into the households of Southern Maine with several memorable broadcasts. Now, with sufficient experience under its belt, it is looking to re-create itself, start from scratch, and have a show combining both the entertainment value of America as well as the stories often left unheard.

The show has boasted such guests as CBS Survivor Contestant Zoe Zanidakis; International Lecturer/Author Mark Mathabane; and Marilyn Monroe’s first spouse, Jim Dougherty, among others.

Now, “The Edge” wants YOU. Since we are re-building the show from the bottom with a better, more solid format,the show is searching for crew members such as producers, writers, camera people, light technicians and talent seekers. We are also looking for regular “players” such as actors to be in parts of the show. The show is also considering having a co-host.

Even if you’ve had little or no experience, if you have an honest drive to learn and become part of a show creatively pushing its way into the 21st century media, we’d invite you to e-mail Jake at [email protected] or call him at (207) 784-7421. Include information about yourself, what your interests are and what you would be interested in helping with on the show. Don’t wait! Filming is starting soon! It’s a sure bet of a great time – getting to meet influential people as well as creating something uniquely your own.

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