I have tried to keep myself out of the fray on this tax cut issue. After all the letters to the editor I have been reading I can no longer do that.

First, let me say this is a tax cut for everyone, not just the so-called tired song “rich people.” I am so sick of hearing this liberal phrase it’s driving me bananas.

Second, a few days ago I read a letter saying that we can’t afford to waste the money on tax cuts. What?

It’s my money. I want it back in my pocket.

If I want to waste my money I will waste it on what I want to get. I would much rather do that than let Big Brother throw it away on senators’ private perks.

Sen. Olympia Snowe had a lot of nerve saying the government can’t afford a higher tax cut. It can afford to give Congress a great health care package and retirement plan though, can’t it? I don’t see them having to worry about getting their medical supplies or drugs.

Finally, I have supported Olympia for a long time. The next election might be a different story. She is acting more and more like a Democrat every day.

Sorry Sen. Snowe, this time you crossed the line…

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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